More than any other comics creator, the name Steranko conjures cutting-edge noir imagery, searing cinematic storytelling, narrative experimentation, and the ethics of perfection to legions of followers who collected his Captain America, X-Men, SHIELD, Shadow, Superman, Chandler, and Heavy Metal work. Yet as Steranko's incendiary status grows, so too does the enigmatic persona that
shrouds his legend.

Vanguard's latest publication penetrates the myth surrounding the man to provide a never-before-revealed portrait of his controversial life and times--packed with unpublished art from the Marvel-aborted Dante's Inferno, the space colonization epic O'Ryann's Odyssey, conceptual storyboards from Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, and images the "House of Ideas" found too revolutionary--and too shocking--to use! Plus a special preview of his long-awaited return-to-comics project! (You'll never guess it in a million years!)

The new issue of Tales from the Edge spotlights comics' most sophisticated, abrasive, flamboyant, and outspoken master of illusion to answer the questions:

--Why is Steranko the most respected and most hated man in comics?
--What is the behind-the-scenes story on his refusal to return to S.H.I.E.L.D.?
--How many careers did he develop and drop--as he did with comics at the peak of superstardom?
--What death-defying escape stunts did he execute to inspire Jack Kirby's Mister Miracle?
--How has every major publisher continued to profit from his groundbreaking innovations?
--Why, in 12 years as a pro musician, did he perform under an alias--and always carry a loaded pistol?
--What is the secret comics work he has never revealed?
--What dark aspects of his past drives him to take dangerous risks in his personal & professional lives?
--What did Orson Welles say the night Steranko was inducted into the ultra-elitist Witch Doctors Club?
--What has he really done that no other comics creator has ever achieved?
--Why did Steranko's associates refer to him as the "Ivy-League Dracula"?
--What rebellion did he ignite a quarter century ago that continues to be waged by today's top talents?
--What is alleged to be this man of mystery's super powers?

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